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My mama says my first word was “sale.” I love a big red sign with big white letters screaming 50% OFF! I also can’t stand the idea of waking up at the %$#@ crack of dawn to shop. There’s not enough coffee in the world to make me want to call that fun. Not judging you if you’re that kind of person (some of my best friends are crazy like that, you know who you are), but I’d rather shop in my pjs.

In honor of the craziness which is Black Friday (and the rest of December), I’m going to help you with your list. From now until the first of the year, all my books are on sale!

EBooks are on sale at ALL eReading sites (Amazon, Barnes & NobleiBooks, Kobo). Home Is Where Your Boots Are is available for FREE as an eBook. These Boots Are Made for Butt-Kickin’ is knocked down to .99 as an eBook and Blame It All On My Boots is FREE too. Mo(u)rning Joy is also discounted to $1.99. 

Print books are on sale BIG at Home Is Where Your Boots Are, These Boots Are Made for Butt-Kickin’ and Mo(u)rning Joy are all 50% OFF the regular price. You can gift to all your people and not feel the least bit guilty. And make sure you check out Lulu’s homepage for additional discounts.

If your favorite peeps have an iPad, Kindle of any kind, Nook, or smartphone/tablet/eReader you can gift them all my books for less than $3. All you need to gift the eBooks is the recipients’ email. Need help? Shoot me an email and I’ll walk you through it.


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The MisAdventures of Miss Lilly is also available as audiobooks through Amazon, iTunes, and Audible if your people like to listen! First timers to Audible get either one of the books for FREE!

I hope this Christmas season brings you Jesus, hope, craziness, joy, shenanigans, love, familial dysfunction, and above all, eggnog. After all, these are the things that make the world go ’round.

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In love, tinsel, and cowgirl boots,