Mo(u)rning Joy Ebook Cover

The secret to happiness is just to wake up every morning and decide to be happy – Ruby Lee Sammons

I’m announcing a new book. It’s set to be available in print and eBook in October. October is Infant Loss Awareness Month. That’s on purpose. Mo(u)rning Joy is a memoir regarding our first son, Caswell, who was stillborn.

The Midwest Book Review says, “Lloyd tackles the highs and lows of mourning with an immediacy and skill that brings readers not just into her life, but into her mind and emotions. Faith, pain, and everything in between are charged with heady experience, growing wisdom, and not a few obstacles along the journey. The result is a vivid, candid, and hard-hitting story speaking to the heart of pain and re-living life.”

Let me tell you something. This book sucks. No really. First, don’t tell my mom I used that word. But it does. It is my best work. With the worst words.

But really. I think this book is one no one wants to exist. But it does. And it is. Our story happened. Our son is. This is our story. When it happened, I searched for something to read. Something that would validate my pain and crazy, but show me the hopeful light on the other side of healing. I got either/or. And because I’m full of myself, I decided to write what I needed. You’re welcome.

My story as a mother began with him, my fighting Caswell, and with sweet retrospect, and a lot of cathartic words, I would not trade it.