In case you need help with your holiday shopping for all your favorite, hard to buy for people, here’s Lilly’s list!

For Mama

HH Skull

A blinged-out cow skull, because if it’s not pretty, platinum, shiny or diamonds, why bother? From Harriet and Hazel

For Nonnie

Barn Owl

A watercolor of her favorite barn owl. By North American artist Christy Dekonig

For Poppa and Daddy


A drone. So you can check cows without ever having to leave your chair.

For Tally

Rustic Cuff

This fancy “Stayin’ Alive” 2.0 cuff from Rustic Cuff

For Fae Lynn


A new pair of Lucchese Classics in her favorite colors.

For Char

Old Gringo Purse

A sassy cross body made out of a boot top. What could be better? Sora Boot Handbag from Old Gringo

For Jacque

Ruby's Rubbish Tshirt

This awesome t-shirt from Ruby’s Rubbish. Jac’s is known for her sassy mouth. Might as well wear it on her chest.

For Brandy


This short and long green petals necklace from Chelsea Collette Collections. It’s long on drama, which we know Brandy tries to hide.

For Amber out in San Fran


This lovely Double D Ranchwear shirt. So she remembers where she came from.

For Charlie


A Burberry pencil sleeve. Something expensive and useless. Classic Charlie.

For Spencer


A Luke Bryan CD. In hopes that he’ll get a clue about the ways of a Southern boy.

For Cash


A fancy gym bag. For all his yoga. And hiding things.

Enjoy all your shopping! And as always, you know everyone on your list wants to be gifted Home Is Where Your Boots Are and These Boots Are Made for Butt-Kickin’!