Don't Bet Your Boots Toots Cover

The Prologues: Cash and Lilly, Volume Two

All’s fair in love and cowgirl boots…

Games. Hearts. Risky Business.

Good girl Lilly Atkins has put bad boy Cash Stetson out of her mind. She’s off to college in the Fall, ready to find herself and begin the path to becoming a lawyer.

            Infamous lothario Cash Stetson is majoring in girls, good times, and late night gambling. Home for the summer, he has plans to run the table on the town of Brooks until he’s back at school.

And then, in the middle of the county courthouse… Fate starts to blow on their dice.

            College-bound Lilly is incensed when her first heartbreak makes a play for her heart. But something about that Southern charm has her unable to resist. Will she lay all her cards on the table?

            Undergrad athlete Cash has left a trail of broken hearts and angry women in his wake. When he sees all the wholesome goodness of little Miss Lilly Atkins, it has him remembering what he tried to forget. If he antes up, he’s not sure he can bluff his way through being the kind of guy worthy of Lilly. Will his luck run out?

Will Lilly and Cash put it all on love and let it ride?

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  • Kathy / October 18, 2017 at 4:25 pm Reply

    I missed these somehow. Probably an uncontrollable need to get rid of 10,000 email. That will teach me to get sick and not pick up a computer! Is there anyway to get them now?

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