Got your attention? You saw that right, we’re giving away a specially-designed, few-of-a-kind cuff done by Oklahoma’s own Rustic Cuff.

It looks like this:FullSizeRender

Could it be anymore awesome?!

Let me tell you the story:

I walked into the Rustic Cuff showroom intent on buying something super-cute to give away. They have a cuff signifying home. And a cuff touting boots. In addition to a million and two other adorable choices. I counted. You’re welcome.

But when I told the lady who greeted me that my plan was to give away a cuff to my readers and that they were the kind of kick-butt chicks who rocked cowboy boots anytime, anywhere, she told me to hold on.

And then came back with the designer and owner, Jill Reamer Donovan. Jill‘s a former attorney who used to teach at TU Law so we have a few things in common. And I have a #girlcrush because she basically started an insanely successful business from scratch, in her guest room, while her babies were sleeping. Based on what she herself wanted. #goals

Jill told me the story of one of first cuffs, where she had outgrown her favorite pair of cowgirl boots after babies arrived. I almost cried right then and there, y’all. So she did what any smart, savvy woman would do. She cut them up and made jewelry. The best part? Years later she found that same cowhide in New York City on a buying trip. And now? She made two custom cuffs in the spirit of The MisAdventures of Miss Lilly for me to give away to you. One cuff we’ll give away online, this week. The other? You’ll have to wait and see.




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